Ultra MMA

Ultra MMA

Ultra MMA

Friday, 12 July 2024 17:45

MMA is currently the fastest growing sport in the UK and that’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to step into the cage in front of a huge crowd at one of our glamorous events, all whilst maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment ❤️

During the process you’ll…

⭐ Receive 8 Weeks FREE training

🔬 Raise money for Cancer Research UK

🏆 Step into the Octagon at a glamorous event

Spanning across 60 locations and with over 25,000 previous participants this amazing experience is open to everybody! But don’t just take our word for it…

“The training is amazing and the night of your fight is incredible, what an experience!” – Dorota Krezeslak

“Ultra MMA has helped me have a lot more respect for myself and has shown me that with just a little bit of self belief, you can go a long way” – Jack Johnson

“Ultra MMA is amazing for your confidence, proving to yourself and others that you are committed and can do anything you put your mind to feels amazing!”


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